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Beautifully replace your new tab to annotate the web, curate, and collaborate.

Expect: A new web - you’ll have a new tab view in your Chrome Browser that lets you & colleagues share a layer over web content. Highlight, annotate. Make notebooks. It's for learners, including your students or clients. If you already love Chrome you’re really going to love Panafold.

The Chrome Extension: It will take a couple of minutes to load. You’ll need to agree to the terms Google states including “changing bookmarks” (this means you can add new ones) “change your data” (you can highlight text) and “read data you copy and paste” (you can copy and paste). We think everyone should take privacy seriously.

Learn more about Panafold the company.


Annotate the web by contributing your thoughts or asking a question on any web page.


Bookmarks, but social. Store links with comments and annotations you can share.


Follow, or collaborate with friends and colleagues. Share publicly or with a group.